Friday, March 10, 2017

The Theory on Love and The Story of Purpose

There was once a beautiful owl named Harmony. She was born with a heart bigger than her own body. She loved everyone and everything she encountered; to her, all things were worthy of love. Because of this she was known to wear her heart on her wings to the point just about anyone could feel it; could see it. But, at the same time, it was very easy for others to hurt her heart due to the visibility of her love. Yet, brave Harmony refused to let that scare her. She thought, Maybe if I loved harder and even loved those that made loving them seem impossible then the world would change. It would become a much safer and loving place. As Harmony, who was then a small owl, grew up, she was determined to rid the earth of hate one day at a time. Although there were times she hit a few storms along the way it never slowed her down. One day Harmony met a very interesting fellow indeed. He was a wolf named Mathias who seemed, unlike any creature she had ever encountered on her travels. She had heard many stories of the big bad wolf but this was not what she was seeing in Mathias. He seemed so much like herself, with a heart bigger than he was. They actually hit it off instantly and decided to journey together. Along the way, the owl ended up falling deeply in love with the wolf yet all the other animals warned her that a wolf has instincts that go against love. After all, they will say, she is an owl and he is a wolf. No matter how strong it may be, but Harmony would not hear anymore of this. "They just don't know him the way I do," she told herself. One warm night the owl and the wolf were journeying across the world and came to the desert when suddenly the wolf became very tired and hungry and the owl was desperately in need of a place to rest as well. They could not find a single place to accommodate them both so they kept walking until they were both so tired they began to hallucinate and suddenly owl was seeing Mathias with fear in her heart and the wolf was seeing the owl as a threat. Things changed quickly for the two. They began to walk with a distance between them until finally they came upon a forest where they were both able to eat and sleep for the first time in many days. The owl sat high up in the tree to be sure she could see all around her. Mathias slept with his back against a big boulder to be sure nobody snuck up on him while he was resting... Once Harmony was rested she decided to go check on Mathias but he was sound asleep so she landed on the boulder to wait. She waited and waited and waited until suddenly he began to wiggle.. She was so excited to see her old buddy after a nights sleep and a full belly... But the wolf heard something move behind him and without thinking he attacked. By the time he had sunk his teeth deeply into owls wings it was too late. The damage was done. Harmony was wounded and bleeding. The wolf promised he would never do anything to hurt her again but because of this slip up Harmony's wing was damaged and she could no longer fly. Like always Harmony decided the best way to prevent this type of accident from happening again was to show him even more love and reason to trust. Of course, there were days, she would question everything she believed in. But, she quickly reverted back to her gentle bravery. She assumed he was only this way because the world had been so tough on him, so she wanted him to know he was loved and safe. Each day Harmony would tell the wolf how beautiful, strong, and wise he was and how he could use his strength and wisdom to help her save the world. To the wolf this sounded crazy. "How can a wolf and an owl save the world?" the wolf would ask. Harmony knew all the world needed to be saved was more love as she felt in her heart LOVE WAS THE ANSWER TO ALL THINGS BROKEN or not. The owl overlooked the wolf's lack of belief and decided she could show him and then he would understand. So they set out.. "Off to save the world" thought owl... "It's about time to find something to eat" thought the wolf. They came up to a beautiful creek where they decided to stop to get a drink when Mathias spotted a bunny to his left and began to give chase. The rabbit hopped as fast as his little legs could carry him but the wolf caught him and before the owl could stop Mathias he had already eaten the poor bunny. Blood dripping from his mouth as he turned to see Harmony crying out. "Why are you crying silly owl? I am sorry I didn't share." The owl was amazed how he could even think that was the issue. "How could you eat something begging for its life? Do you feel nothing?" This angered the wolf. How could that old owl make him feel guilty for eating something that was placed right in his lap? Harmony began to explain to the wolf her theory on love and how they could only change the world if they got rid of all that brings threat to all of Gods creatures. "And the only way to do this is double up on the love we offer and stop offering anything that goes against that love." The owl explained. Once again the wolf laughed. "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. You yourself are a meat eater, how dare you judge me." Said the wolf. "That is where you are wrong my dear friend. I was born and raised to be a meat eater just like you that is true but my own heart guided me in a very different direction. I will not harm anything that can ask for mercy. For I will give the same love and mercy to all things that I myself want and need which is why you and I became friends." replied the owl. Owl continues to explain to Mathias that she could not be friends with someone that was going to go against her purpose and he promised her he would accept this new way of seeing and living if that means keeping her in his life. Harmony was so happy. Once again she just knew all the wolf needed was a little extra love and a reminder that he was better than the previous definition set by others. Owl and wolf decided it was time to travel to a place they had never been before.... the ocean. Owl was so excited, she had heard many stories of the beautiful ocean and the many creatures within and around it. When they arrived Mathias told Harmony that he was going to roam around to see if there were others nearby. Owl found a nice branch that had washed up on the beach to perch on. She sat there admiring the sun and the beautiful waves that were washing up in what seemed to be the same rhythm as her breathing. She was swept away for several minutes in all the beauty around her when suddenly she realized her friend had still not returned. Concerned something had happened she went to go find him. She looked everywhere she could but no sign of the wolf anywhere. When suddenly she heard something come from behind a trash can. She walked around to the other side to find Mathias there eating a seagull. "What have you done" cried the owl. Mathias took off running and Harmony's heart broke. She chased after him begging him to stop running so they could talk. "I cannot fly so please stop so I can catch up and we can work through this."Finally wolf stopped and Harmony asked him "what about your promise to help me save the world" and suddenly Mathias felt himself becoming so enraged that without thinking any further he charged for Harmony. She refused to budge. "I love you Mathias. Just because you are a wolf does not mean you have to act like a threat to me or anything else. I will not fear you." Mathias refused to let himself hear what the owl was saying as he knew she was only trying to talk him out of feeling what he knew he had a right to feel. "Screeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!!"......... Mathias grabbed Harmony by the neck in his teeth and clenched them as tightly as he could until he felt his anger draining down his neck... "What the.... Oh my God what have I done?" Mathias dropped the lifeless owl from his mouth and watched as she fell to the ground... He felt his heart sink as he cried out "Noooooooo!!!" Mathias began begging her to wake up..."please move, please say something, I am so sorry. Say something to me please Harmony I love you. I didn't mean to hurt you. Please come back to me and I will never hurt you again I swear this time more than ever." As the wolf was feeling as though he was alone in all his pain he suddenly heard..."Hey, you. Hey. Over here..." Mathias turns around to see a white eagle that seemed to have a radiant shining light all around him. "Yes" replied Mathias. "I have been with you this entire time my child and have seen all your good as well as your mistakes. I come to you today to let you know that Harmony is with us now and at peace. If you wish to honor your friend and find forgiveness for today's experience not from me but from yourself then you must love the world around you even when it takes biting your own tail to remain loving. In Harmony's memory, we the birds of the Divine heavens ask that you honor her by loving everyone and everything just as you know she would do. Carry on with this purpose of saving the world for you too are much stronger and wiser than you give yourself credit for. We have and will continue to place special souls with you to help you understand what love means and how you can embrace and share a greater amount of love." Wolf was crying so hard he could no longer make out the eagle in front of him but the light was so bright he could see it through the tears. He asked the eagle "Can I do anything to bring Harmony back so we can save the world together. This was her mission anyways. Doesn't she need to be here." The white eagle responded "my name is Aziekel and I come to you today to help you understand and open your heart but Harmony is with us now and she will be watching out for you as she has always done. High up in the trees mysterious as the wind but always present. It is up to you to complete this mission dear wolf and remember you are never alone and hiding does not keep the darkness from being seen even when it is acting through you. So do not let temptation trap you in the darkness to where you loose your way and her death ends in vein." Mathias was in shock and couldn't even think of anything to say. He kept finding his eyes falling on Harmony's body and how her wings seemed to be sinking into the sand deeper and deeper with each wave. "Wolf you are going to need to send her body out to sea to allow her journeys to continue until she reaches the other side. Would you like to say a prayer or would you like for me to do it?" Mathias started to feel himself become angry again. "He's trying to take her away from me," wolf thought. He began to snarl up and lining up the eagle when suddenly the eagle flapped his wing three times and suddenly he was gone. "Oh I would have eaten you if you had stayed" Mathias mumbled. "Have you learned nothing" a mysterious voice called out to the wolf. "Who's there? Come out. I am not in the mood for games. Come out or I will find out you and make you pay." Mathias turned around and noticed Harmony standing there good as new. She asked him "please allow that anger of yours to fly away with me when I go. It is not helping you. It is only pushing everyone away and keeping you from being able to accept the love so many wishes to show you. I enjoyed our journeys so much and I am sure in another life we will have much more but for now, it is time for me to go and time for you move up and away from this old self and place of destruction. But hey look at this" and she shows him her beautiful wings are working again.. "I love you, Mathias, more than you can understand at this time but if you follow this path we began together you will soon understand." A sudden beam of light shot across the sky and began to flash over and over again making it look as though it was lightning nonstop above the clouds. Suddenly the beam of light shoots down to the owl and as it does she tells Mathias" I will be waiting on the other side but no short cuts if you wish to find me at the end. There is only one path that will lead you back to me my love so please stick to it with all you got. Stay strong and don't fear change that allows greater love and happiness." She was gone.... Not a light or bird of any kind in sight. Mathias was all alone on the beach. Suddenly he felt that he was the only person alive in the entire world. Such a lonely feeling. He felt like all he wanted was someone, anyone to talk to, to cry to. His best friend, the love of his life just left him all alone. Who was he going to be angry with? What was he to do with these feeling in his heart and mind? He began to pace back and forth on the beach trying to figure out what he was supposed to do when he looked up and noticed in the sky was this beautiful comet that almost seemed to be pointing him in a certain direction. So he followed it. He walked for what felt like hours when he came upon a town. There was so much screaming and crying out coming from this town... "What on earth is going on" wolf thought. He began to run and as he got up to the first house he could hear someone talking... "Who is in there?" Mathias thought as he began to bust down the door... It was humans harassing the community of fairies and elves... They were putting fairies in jars, stomping on the ones that ran... Wolf had never seen such cruelty he thought... As suddenly Harmony popped into his thoughts. He ran up and grabbed one of the men by the arm and dragged him outside "You leave now and I won't eat you" he told the man. The man ran as fast as he could screaming "wolf! Wolf!" Just about the time Mathias started back into the house for the other man he could hear there were many others in the houses down the road. He stopped and took a minute to think how he could help all these fae people before there were more killed. He began to howl for help he figured it couldn't hurt. Mathias sent out a distress call that let the others wolves in the areas know there was one of their own wounded and more being hurt. He figured this would ensure a greater likelihood that they would come. He went ahead after the second man and as he approached the man had a gun he pulled from his side "step back wolf or I'll shoot" the man said but wolf once again remembered Harmony and suddenly her words she had spoken before her death that had been "unheard" in his rage were being heard and he repeated them "I love you, which is why I have not eaten you but if you hurt one more creature with your hate and ignorance my love for you will not be enough to keep me from eating you." The man looked at the wolf in shock. Not only had this wolf just talked to him but he had claimed to love the man. "Hmmm how could this be. How could a beast have more love than I" the man thought. He dropped his gun and walked out of the house. Mathias followed closely behind to be sure he left the little community. As he walked out he could see in the distance many eyes glowing and coming closer.. "Aw brothers." He took off running. He met the wolf pack before they got into the town afraid if he didn't talk to them first they would cause more harm than good. He explained to the pack Harmonys theory on love and saving the world. Before long they were all crying and were all on board with the plan. They spread out into the town. Going to one house at a time with Harmony words in each of their heart.... "I love you" and as they told each man they loved them they also let it be known if they caused any more harm the pack would be forced to remove them permanently to protect creation. Every last man left without a fight. Yes sure some were talking less than nice words but they packed up and left nonetheless. The wolf pack was very proud of what they had just done. The fae people were also very thankful the wolves had saved them and in such a heroic way. With love. Who would have guessed that poor ole Mathias would be saving an entire community with love and not only that but he found his pack and his calling while also teaching many other wolves about their own purpose and strength. Mathias traveled many miles saving everything and everyone that was being threatened by another source. He and his pack became known around the world as the peace pack as they were spreading greater peace and love than the world had seen in a very long time..... He was, of course, making Harmony very proud but that was not why she had sent him on this path... She knew he would be proud of himself and truly love himself without anger or shame standing in his way for the first time and that he was. He felt like he was walking on air and like the world had suddenly begun playing the drum that matched his own heart beat. He felt he belonged and no longer felt the need to sleep with a boulder at his back as he trusted the world around him now. He knew that those he worked so hard to protect would also work to keep him safe which meant he had a variety of eyes watching out for him when his were closed. Mathias and Harmony had a love like no other and all though they tried to beat the odds the odds almost beat them. Yet love found a way and everyone ended up exactly where they were meant to be all along. Harmony was an earth angel for a while that only wanted to share love and song with the world and in a world where it seems hate is embraced tighter than love, that was not easy but she did it and she created change bigger than she could have dreamed and that change will continue long after her memory is forgotten. Love does not die it only grows or fades but it remains present forever and always. Even the love that fades merely needs a little nurturing and love to allow it to grow as it once did. Mathias found a pack but it took him having to find himself and a purpose before he could embrace anyone else in his life. Isn't it funny how life works? We paint ourselves a picture of the perfect love or life and then the Universe teaches us to take a second look. For love has no certain picture that defines it.. Love is limitless. It is not something that is easy nor hard. It is something that ego tries to make seem impossible when all we are meant to do is LOVE ONE ANOTHER!!!!!! Mathias means "Gift of God". Harmony in Greek mythology was Harmonia and was the goddess of brotherhood, sisterhood, happy marriages and harmony. She was the product of an adulterous affair between Ares (god of war) and his lover Aphrodite (goddess of love). As the child of this juxtaposed union of gods, Harmonia was given the unique power to end conflicts and bring people together harmoniously.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Be your own hero/ heroine...

Take a minute and write down or at least think about how you would you define a GOOD friend, mother, father, daughter, son, brother, sister, teacher, student, or person in general?

Do you meet these standards?

By realizing how we define a "Good" person, an honorable person, the person we consider truly "amazing" we are able to better understand and embrace the person we truly wish to become and begin taking the steps needed to embracing your truest self! In doing so we are also able to become aware of the parts of ourselves that prevent us from fully being the person we can respect and love even in the darkest of times.

Have you ever considered how much time you spend thinking about what others may think of how you look, live, act, think, speak, etc.??
On average I would say the typical human spends over half their life worrying about the opinions of others more than their own in regards to the life they are living. Why do we seem to care so much about what others are thinking in regards to our own being or life? What if instead of seeking the approval of others, we worked to gain the approval of ourselves. We must learn to stand confidently with grace in all we feel and think. We do not have to shut out the opinions of others, we merely have to recognize them as the opinions of others, not our own truth.

It is time that we all become the person we can be proud of, the person the younger generation can look to in order to understand what it means to walk with grace, strength, and purpose. You have the power to become your own hero/ heroine and in doing so you may find you become the hero of others as well.

                                                       Love and Light - Grace


Monday, July 25, 2016

A "weed" is only a weed to an uneducated mind... It all boils down to perspective and understanding!

Certain individuals are so quick to assume that the "weeds" in life they don't understanding or are not familiar with, simply carry little, to no significance or are just not worth their time. Yet, what if you found out that those "weeds" could save or significantly improve your life? Would you call them "weeds" or would suddenly be interested in their actual name and true purpose. We as people are viewed very much the same. Some individuals may find that when they encounter people that are different or live in a way they  consider "out of the norm" that they have a tendency to assume those "different" people are beneath them. Yet, if you took time to understand that person you may find they are one of the most beautiful people you have ever encountered and that the way they live actually makes more sense then your own life, once explained.

It is important that we take the time to understand each person, animal, plant, situation, and experience for what it truly is; not for how it appears to be.

A weed is only a weed until you take the time to educate yourself on its true purpose and beauty. Do not live in a world full of weeds. Live in a world full of beauty through understanding, love,
 and Divine connection. 

Embrace each person that comes into your life as a beautiful flower. Some requiring more love and nurturing than others, but all serving Divine purpose just the same. This also means trusting each encounter to take its path without feeling a need to control it due to fear of the "unknown". Act out of love and seek understanding! Never judge what you do not fully understand and understand you will not feel a need to judge once you have gained full understanding!
Love and Light - Grace

Friday, July 22, 2016

Our CHILDREN reflect our TRUTH

At a very young age children begin to mimic the actions, words, and behaviors of others. Children will look to their mothers, fathers, grandparents, older siblings, and even their teachers to begin defining their ideal "perfect" self-image. We, as adults tend to think that as long as we provide these children with the "rules" and the "corrections" when they break these "rules, we are doing our part as parents/ guardians. But how often do we consider the "rules" we break in front of them and what that is teaching them? For instance; we tell our children "if you don't have something nice to say, you shouldn't say anything at all." Ironically enough though, how often do we say not so nice things about ourselves in front of them, or get to chatting with friends or family and end up talking about someone else in a negative way? We tell our children they should love themselves and stand up for who they are with confidence. WE MUST SHOW THEM HOW to do this and we can do so by starting to love ourselves the way we hope for our children to love themselves! We must stand up for what is right for ourselves and others in the way we hope and pray our children will always feel strong and confident enough to do. We must reflect the love, happiness, and peace we want our children to experience and live. We can no longer sit back and expect words to be enough. Let us stand together as parents, grandparents, children, teachers, students, friends, and family and help one another awaken to the true beauty within ourselves and this mysterious and amazing world. Fear, doubt, and worry are not worthy of us, we must let them go!

**Meditation is highly suggested. Meditation with your children is a way to connect with them in a truly beautiful and life changing way. For those of you that are new to meditation, there are endless guided meditations on YouTube for both adults and children.

**Morning and night, positive affirmations. Begin working together as a family to see yourselves, one another, and life in a more loving and positive lighting. For those new to affirmations, I would love to invite you to join me on Facebook on the group 21 Day Affirmation Challenge (Created by Reiki with Grace). It is a great idea to start and end each day with positive affirmations.

**Start rewiring those negative tendencies by correcting every negative thought, word, actions, and feeling with exactly seven positives. For example if you catch yourself having negative thoughts towards yourself, correct it with something like, (1)"I am beautiful and (2)smart. (3) I am at peace with myself and all that is going on within and around me. (4) Today will be great. (5) I am attracting positive and loving vibrations into my day. (6) I am Divinely connected and love being me. (7) I walk with confidence and love for myself and all that is aligned with my path.


    Love and Light beautiful souls- Grace

Thursday, July 21, 2016

What if you found out today you are Jesus Christ reincarnated?

What if you were provided proof that you had walked this earth before as Jesus Christ? Would you see yourself differently? Would you expect others to treat you differently than you had previously allowed? Now, ask yourself why? Do you not feel worthy of the same love, respect, and connection that Jesus shared to the Divine Creator and All that is?

Take a minute and just think about it....

Wow!!! Jesus Christ healed, was a great teacher, and represents the love and faith we should all have in the Divine creator. To know that you could carry such a great spirit would be life changing...

According to the Bible Jesus was sent to be born by the Virgin Mary because he had such a huge part in this Divine change that was going to be taking place. Did you know that all that is Created by the Divine Creator has, is, and will always serve Divine purpose in this Great Plan ahead. That would mean that you, me, and everyone in between and all around has Divine purpose! What if I told you that you had already healed others by offering them your love,  you have taught others many things but most of all you have taught them about unconditional love when offering them love even when they were not easy to love. Now all that is left is for you to claim your true connection to the  Divine creator and embrace your true importance. No, you may not have been Jesus Christ in a past life but you are someone that was sent here on a Divine mission because you are a strong and loving spirit and by embracing that truth can you begin to embrace the truth of all that is around you.

P.S. Reincarnation is the way of  becoming our most Divine selves. The Great Spirit does not ever turn or give-up on us. The paths we choose to walk during this life is what is setting our vibrations and deciding our final destination before we learn of our future incarnations. So it is up to you to walk the path of  the beautiful "Divine Spirit" you are vs. the path of ego and fear. Jesus could have walked an easier path but the events that were meant to take place and the faith that was meant to be experienced and witnessed would not have ever happened had he doubted his Divine purpose and power to create great change.

                                                    - Love and Light beautiful soul-

Thank you for joining me. Let me take a minute to tell you a little about myself.

My name is Grace. I am the mother of three amazing kids; Ethan (12), Braxton (10), and Zoey (7). I have been blessed with the opportunity to homeschool all three of them, which has been a wonderful learning experience for all of us. I have been married to my twin flame James going on 13 years. He has been a huge part of my spiritual awakening and helping me learn to embrace my true Divine self. I am a Psychic Medium, Spiritual Adviser, Reiki Master, aroma therapist, herbal healer, and ordained minister.

So lets go back to where this spiritual path originally made itself known to me...

When I was seven years old I had a series of heart breaking experiences that left me feeling almost numb and lost. One morning I decided to go outside and find something to concentrate on other than my current feelings. While I was sitting outside admiring the way the sun was shinning through the branches of the trees I felt a strange sensation come over me (an intense sensation of unconditional love and tingling warmth) and then suddenly I heard "Be strong my child, you are a mighty warrior and you cannot let the weakness of others blind you to your own true strength." When I heard this the only part that truly seemed to "sink in" was the immediate understanding "I am Gods Warrior." To me this gave me strength and a piece of myself back and I never even considered questioning who the voice had belonged to. It was just strong sense of knowing! From this point on I began to make it my personal goal/ mission to help anyone that needed it, stand up and speak up when I seen a need, and never let my size define my strength.
Soon after, I began having intense Déjà vu daily. When I would have these episodes they would be so intense I would become ill and dizzy. When I would tell my mother what I was being shown and feeling, she would tell me I was being silly or fluff it off as nothing. I began to feel like maybe there was something wrong with me. To feel this way so often yet my mother that knew "everything" about me had no idea what I was talking about. One day we were riding down the road and there was this painting of Jesus on the side of a building, I had seen this painting a million times before, but this day when I seen it I went into the worst Déjà vu experience I had ever had. I began to began to cry trying to tell my mom what was going on, what I was feeling, seeing, hearing, etc. and as I was telling her I felt so drawn to this man. For reasons I will explain later on, my mother responded to me with " Nobody has Deja vu as often as you claim to, enough is enough." Just like that my heart sank, this was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced and I felt like I was wrong for experiencing it. After this, I began to keep these experiences to myself feeling almost a sense of shame because of them. More and more I began to forget this part of myself.
 After turning 21 I began becoming ill. I had over 20 different surgeries and was diagnosed with heart failure, seizures, Chrons disease, osteoporosis, COPD, Sleep apnea, and the list just kept growing. I could not understand why this was happening and the Dr's just keep giving me more medication but giving no answers that truly seemed to helped me in anyway. As they continued giving me new medication I continued to pop up with new symptoms, new dis-ease, and less strength to want to keep going. It was about three years into it and I was around 24 years old when I reached the point of absolute desperation. I knew if something did not give soon I was going to break mentally as well as physically. I began searching the internet for Natural cures, treatments, and suggestions. I stumbled onto a site that explained the importance of meditation and facing our emotions vs, pushing them down to avoid dealing with them. I began working on the anger I felt towards myself for getting sick, the Doctors for "allowing" me to get worse, and my friends that had walked away from me because they didn't have time for a "sick friend." This was a huge step for me but the thing that truly made the biggest difference was the meditation. When I first began I had a hard time calming my thoughts but the more I dealt with them the less control they seemed to have over me and the easier calming my mind became. Thanks to the many hours of meditation I began to become aware of my Spirit guides which lead to me greater understanding of my true Divine connection and helped me see I was not my dis-ease but I was a student that was given an opportunity to learn about these dis-eases on a spiritual level and learn the true meaning of healing vs. the westernized idea of "better". I was led to many spiritual teachers both in Body and Spirit that have assisted me in learning about shamanism, herbal healing, aroma therapy, soul retrieval, Akashic record work, Chakra and Aura cleansing and balancing, and so much more. I have now been meditating and facing my truth for six years, I am stronger mentally and spiritually than I have ever been. I feel more connected to God/dess than I have ever felt in my life. I am able to connect with the well-being of family, friends, and clients on a level that I could have never done walking a path of perfect health. I have established more love and gratitude for myself and the world around me and that is something I would not change for anything. Because of the amazingly blessed guidance I was offered I now know that the only true dis-ease is that which disturbs our inner-peace. "Claim the healing, not the dis-ease."

I can honestly say I am thankful for every challenge that has been placed upon my path because I know that all I face truly does serve my highest good. Even the darkness of times are opportunities to learn of our own Divine light/ Divine strength and love and this holds true to everyone! That has to be the most beautiful truth there is. Wouldn't you agree?
Love and Light beautiful souls